Editorial Staff


Katie Busby (2016)
University of Mississsippi
Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning

Associate Editor

Megan Shaffer (2017)
Santa Clara University
Assessment Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Editor

Ciji A. Heiser (2016)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Coordinator for Assessment, Housing and Residence Education

Associate Editor

Lauren Germain (2016)
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Director of Evaluation, Assessment, and Research

Editorial Assistant
Sarah Andert (2017)
Tulane University

Editorial Board

lising antonio
Stanford University
Associate Professor of Education

Susan Bosworth (2016)
College of William & Mary
Associate Provost, Institutional Analysis & Effectiveness

Jennifer A. Lindholm (2016)
University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant Vice Provost Undergraduate Education

Daryl G. Smith (2017)
Claremont Graduate University
Professor of Education and Psychology

Linda Suskie (2015)
Assessment & Accreditation Consultant

John T. Willse (2015)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Associate Professor of Educational Research Methodology

Ex-Officio Members

Virginia Assessment Group President
Lee Rakes (2017)
Virginia Military Institute
Director Institute Assessment and Evaluation

Virginia Assessment Group President-Elect
Stephanie Foster (2018)
George Mason Univesity
Associate Director Undergraduate Education

Review Board

Amee Adkins (2016)
Illinois State University
Associate Dean

Robin D. Anderson (2018)
James Madison University
Department Head, Associate Professor of Graduate Psychology

Angela Baldasare (2017)
University of Arizona
Assistant Provost for Institutional Research

Brian Bourke (2018)
Murray State University
Assistant Professor of Education

Chris Coleman (2018)
University of Alabama
Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Lindsey Jakiel Diulus (2018)
Nunez Community College
Public Information & Alumni Relations Officer

Dorothy C. Doolittle (2018)
Christopher Newport University
Professor of Psychology

Seth Matthew Fishman (2017)
Villanova University
Director of Curriculum and Academic Outcomes, Assistant Professor of Education & Counseling

Teresa Flateby (2016)
Georgia Southern University
Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

Brian French (2017)
Washington State University
Professor and Director Learning and Performance Research Center

Matthew Fuller (2018)
Sam Houston State University
Assistant Professor

Megan Moore Gardner (2016)
University of Akron
Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration

Karen Gentemann (2018)
George Mason University
Retired Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Marc E. Gillespie (2017)
St. John’s University
Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Molly M. Goldwasser (2019)
Duke University
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Chad Gotch (2019)
Washington State University
Clinical Assistant Professor

Michele J. Hansen (2015)
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Executive Director of Research, Planning, and Evaluation

Debra Harmening (2016)
University of Toledo
Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Ghazala Hashmi (2014)
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Coordinator, Quality Enhancement Plan and Professor of English




S. Jeanne Horst (2018)
James Madison University
Assistant Professor of Graduate Psychology

Natasha Jankowski (2018)
Assistant Director

Kendra Jeffcoat (2016)
San Diego State University
Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education

Kimberly A. Kline (2017)
Buffalo State College
Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration

Kathryne Drezek McConnell (2016)
Association of American Colleges and Universities
Senior Director for Research and Assessment

Sean A. McKitrick (2015)
Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Vice President

Deborah L. Moore (2014)
North Carolina State University
Assistant Director of Assessment

John V. Moore (2018)
Temple University, Kornberg School of Dentistry
Assistant Clinical Professor and Director for Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation

Ingrid Novodvorsky (2018)
University of Arizona
Director of Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Loraine Phillips (2017)
University of Texas at Arlington
Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Suzanne L. Pieper (2014)
Northern Arizona University
Coordinator for Assessment, Office of Academic Assessment

William P. Skorupski (2014)
University of Kansas
Associate Professor of Psychology and Research in Education

Pamela Steinke (2018)
University of St. Francis
Assessment Coordinator

Matthew S. Swain (2016)*
Research Scientist

Wendy G. Troxel (2017)
Illinois State University
Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Foundations

Catherine Wehlburg (2018)
Texas Christian University
Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Craig S. Wells (2017)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Associate Professor of Research and Evaluation Methods

Thomas W. Zane (2018)
Salt Lake Community College

Carrie L. Zelna (2015)
North Carolina State University
Director, Office of Assessment, Division of Academic and Student Affairs

* Denotes Book Reviewer