Summer 2016 Issue Available

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The contributions presented in this issue of Research & Practice in Assessment demonstrate how assessment scholars have addressed challenges faced in assessing students’ skills and knowledge. Hopefully your work will benefit as a result of this collection of research and practice that takes place in the classroom and beyond.

The Summer 2016 issue includes three peer-reviewed articles that exemplify important assessment practices in higher education. Addressing the challenge of student motivation in low-stakes testing situations, Finney, Mathers, and Myers investigate the psychometric properties of a popular measure of student motivation. Immekus examines the appropriate use of surveys to measure outcomes of a teacher preparation program and how those results are used by faculty for the purposes of program improvement and accreditation. Horst and DeMars present a standard setting procedure not often seen in higher education, and describe how this modified Mapmark procedure was used by faculty to make program and curricular decisions.

In the reviews, Alea examines the myth of upward mobility through higher education and the impact privilege has on student achievement in the review of Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs. Skills and knowledge are often reinforced through experiential activities such as service learning. Nance reviews Service-Learning Essentials. Questions, Answers, and Lessons Learned, an important examination of the pedagogy of service-learning.

This issue also includes two Notes in Brief highlighting the rewarding work taking place nationally and internationally. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Pant, Kuhn, and Lautenbach discuss a comprehensive research initiative to assess skills and knowledge across programs and institutions in Germany and Austria. Keflezghi, Sebahar, and Wood examine similarities of minority male initiatives in higher education and propose a framework that can be used in future study of these programs. I hope you find the scholarship in this issue both rewarding and challenging.

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