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Summer 2013   |    Email Article

The Summer 2013 issue of Research & Practice in Assessment will be released on Monday June 3.  It offers a focus on MOOCs & Technology, inviting higher education assessment professionals and scholars to consider application of assessment theory and practice to the MOOC context.  The pieces for the issue include the following lead authors:

Cathy Sandeen (ACE) – Assessment’s Place in the New MOOC World

Lori Breslow et al. (MIT) – Studying Learning in the Worldwide Classroom: Research into edX’s First MOOC

Patrick Meyer et al. (Virginia) – Fair and Equitable Measurement of Student Learning in MOOCs: An Introduction to Item Response Theory, Scale Linking, and Score Equating

Stephen Balfour (Texas A & M) – Assessing Writing in MOOCs:  Automated Essay Scoring and Calibrated Peer Review™

Catharine Stimpson (NYU) – A review of The One World Schoolhouse

Donna Sundre et al. (JMU) – A review of Measuring College Learning Responsibly

Katie Busby (Tulane) – A review of We’re Losing Our Minds

Huong Fralin – artwork entitled “New Combinations”

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