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Forthcoming issue on big data and learning analytics to be released on Nov 3   |    Email Article

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The forthcoming special issue of RPA focuses on Big Data & Learning Analytics.  Given that the field of higher education is increasingly faced with these two types of data, the issue seeks to collaboratively address the question, “What is the role of big data and learning analytics in higher education assessment?”  Comprised of the following articles, it will be published on November 3, 2014:

The Future of Data-Enriched Assessment
By Candace Thille, Emily Schneider, René F. Kizilcec, Christopher Piech, Sherif A. Halawa, & Daniel K. Greene (Stanford University)

Big Data in Complex Educational Systems: The Learning Analytics Imperative and the Policy Challenge
By Leah P. Macfadyen (University of British Columbia), Shane Dawson (University of South Australia), Abelardo Pardo (The University of Sydney), & Dragan Gaševic (Athabasca University)

Technology for Mining the Big Data of MOOCs
By Una-May O’Reilly & Kalyan Veeramachaneni (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Assessment of Robust Learning with Educational Data Mining
By Ryan S. Baker (Columbia University) & Albert T. Corbett (Carnegie Mellon University)

Social Learning Analytics: Navigating the Changing Settings of Higher Education
By Maarten de Laat & Fleur Prinsen (Open University of the Netherlands)

How Predictive Analytics and Choice Architecture can Improve Student Success
By Tristan Denley (Tennessee Board of Regents)

Insight and Action Analytics: Three Case Studies to Consider
By Mark David Milliron, Laura Malcolm & David Kil (Civitas Learning)

Book Review of: Uncharted: Big Data as a Lens on Human Culture
By Carolyn Penstein Rose (Carnegie Mellon University)

Book Review of: Building a Smarter University: Big Data, Innovation and Analytics
By Fabio Rojas (Indiana University)

Book Review of: Assessing the Educational Data Movement
By Karly Sarita Ford (Pennsylvania State University)

An Ethically Ambitious Higher Education Data Science
By Mitchell L. Stevens (Stanford University)

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